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Dominique Dellisanti

Wedding Event Designer

Dominique Dellisanti

Who I am

After high school I attended the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan and started my career by designing and furnishing some prestigious boutiques in the Milanese fashion district and in other cities.

In more recent years I have dedicated myself to the restyling of interiors and, in particular, I have been involved for a long time with curtains that I design and make personally following, above all, the choice of fabrics.

I also attender several courses in order to deepen my knowledge in sectors that have always fascinated me … the organization of Weddings and Events as a Wedding & Event Planner, floral compositions as a Floral Designer and, last but not least, the new a project that I called “Le Torte Gioiello”.

My interests never ceased, not even when, as a mother of six, they became intertwined with a very intense family life. All this encompasses my philosophy of life.